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About Gidget

Gidget Personal Trainer

My Credentials

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Nutrition & Wellness Specialist
  • RHNP - Registered Holistic Nutrition Practitioner (Holistic Nutritionist)
  • RHNC - Registered Health & Nutrition Counsellor (Registered Holistic Health Coach)
  • Certified Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist
  • Metafit Coach
  • TriggerPoint Trainer – L1
  • TRX Certified
  • First Aid CPR/AED level C
  • Insured

About Gidget - Owner and Personal Trainer

When I help a client reach their goals and make a difference in their life, then I too have reached one of my goals.... which is to be the best Trainer that I can.

When I decided to become a Personal Trainer, I had no idea how rewarding, gratifying and fun it would be; not to mention the relationships that I have developed with my clients over the years. I can’t explain how great it feels to see a client's face light up, eyes fill with tears and having them wrap their arms around you because they have just accomplished their goal.

All training programs are designed to improve your cardiovascular, muscular strength/endurance, speed, agility, balance and flexibility by incorporating all aspects of fitness training into your workout sessions.

My promise to you is to continually provide new, fun and challenging workouts that motivate you to do your best so you can life a happier, healthier and more energized life. I am extremely passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience in fitness and I am committed to inspiring you to achieve your fitness goals!